What do you mean by Belgium model ? Examine the main elements of the Belgian model of power sharing

After the four amendments in the constitution the Belgium leaders worked (out a very different and innovative power sharing arrangement known as Belgium model.
The main features of Belgium model are:
(i) **Equal distribution of seats—**According to the new arrangement, Dutch and French speaking ministers have been given equal status in the central government. No single majority can make decision unilaterally.
(ii) **Concept of Federal Government—**Besides, state governments for the two regions have been given maximum powers and the state governments are not treated as the subordinate to the central government.
(iii) **Equal Representation in Brussels—**In the new arrangement, Brussels, the capital city of Belgium, equal representation given to both the French and Dutch speaking people.
(iv) Community Government. The Belgium model introduced a new concept of third kind of government, i.e., the ‘Community Government’. This government is elected by the people belonging to one language community.
(v) This arrangement ensures the promotion and protection of cultural and linguistic diversity.