What do you know about the peasant movement in Awadh?

  • In Awadh, the peasant movement was led by Baba Ramchandra—a sanyasi who had earlier worked in Fiji as an indentured labourer.
  • The movement here was against talukdars and landlords who demanded high rents from the peasants.
  • Peasants had to do begar at landlords’ farms.
  • The peasant movement demanded reduction of revenue, abolition of begar and social boycott of oppressive landlords.
  • In many places nai-dhobi bandhs were organised to deprive landlords of the services of even washermen and barbers.
  • Jawaharlal Nehru began talking to the villagers and formed Oudh Kisan Sabha.
  • Within a month, over 300 branches had been set up in the villages around the region.
  • As the movement spread in 1921, the houses of talukdars and merchants were attacked, bazaars were looted and grain hoards were taken over.