What do you expect the nature of hydrides is

What do you expect the nature of hydrides is, if formed by elements of atomic numbers 15,
19, 23, 44 with dry dihydrogen? Compare their behaviour towards water.

(a) Element with Z = 15, belongs to /(-block. It forms covalent hydride,
(b) Element with Z= 19 belongs to s-block. It forms ionic or saline hydride, KH.
© Element with Z= 23 belongs to d-block and Vth group elements. It forms interstitial hydride, . It is non-stoichiometric hydride.
(d) Element with Z—44 belongs to d-b\ocV and 8th group elements. It is ruthinium. It does not form any hydride because metals of group 7,8 and 9 do not form hydride (hydride gap)- Only ionic hydride, KH reacts violendy with water producing dihydrogen gas.

KH (s) + $H { 2 }O$(aq) ------>
KOH(aq) + ${ H }
{ 2 }$ (g)