What did actually happen? What values are associated with Mohan?

In severe cold weather, Mohan’s family burned wood in their room during the night and kept the windows close. After some time, they felt suffocated. Mohan immediately opened the windows and everyone was relieved.

  1. What did actually happen?
  2. What values are associated with Mohan?
  1. When wood burns, the carbon present in it is oxidised to carbon dioxide (CO2), which is a non-poisonous gas. When the windows are closed, fresh air or oxygen cannot enter the room. Due to the insufficient supply of oxygen, carbon is oxidised to carbon monoxide (CO2), which is a highly poisonous gas. It causes suffocation in a closed room. On opening the windows, the poisonous gas slowly diffused out of the room and fresh air came inside due to which the feeling of suffocation reduced gradually.
  2. Mohan is quite intelligent, quick in decisions and caring about his family.