What are zoological parks ? Write its significance also

Zoological Parks : “It is a place where wild animals are kept with any human control in the natural environment”.
(a) It is also called Zoo or Zoological Garden.
(b) According to WZCS, they acts as conservation centres. They help us to know about the wild animals, their food habits, behaviour etc.
© People especially the children enjoy the visit by seeing a variety of animals.
(d) A scientific puppose of the zoo is to breed the animals (which otherwise are facing threat to their natural habitat).
(e) Animals are facing poaching and habitat destruction due to development activities like urbanisation and industrial development.
(f) The information regarding common and scientific names is displayed in the zoological gardens.
(g) Some zoological parks are Delhi Zoological Park located near Old Fort in Delhi having an area of 214 acres and 20,000 birds as well as animals and Chhat Bir Zoological Park, Punjab located at Chandigarh having about 200 acres of area and 1300 animals.