What are Young's modulus

Fig. shows the strain-stress curve for a given material. What are (i) Young’s modulus and (ii) approximate yield strength far this material?

(i) Youngs modulus of the given material (Y)
= Slope of strain-stress curve
Y = 150 x${{10}^{6}}$/ 0.002=75x${{10}^{9}}$ N/${{m}^{2}}$

= 7.5x ${{10}^{10}}$ N/${{m}^{2}}$
(ii) Yield strength of the given material
= Maximum stress the material can sustain

= 300 X${{10}^{6}}$ N/${{m}^{2}}$ = 3 X${{10}^{8}}$ N/${{m}^{2}}$