What are the services offered by the retailers to wholesalers and consumers?

Retailer renders following services to the wholesalers
(i) Help in Distribution of Goods Wholesalers provide help in the distribution of goods and making them available to final consumers.
(ii) Personal Selling In this the retailers relieve the producers of this activity and help them in actualising the sale of the products.
(iii) Enabling Large Scale Operations It enables them to operate at large scale and fully concentrate on activities.
(iv) Collecting Market Information Retailers remain in touch with the buyers they know about the tastes, attitudes, preference, etc. Such information is very useful in taking marketing decisions in an organisation.
Some of the important services of retailers from the point of view of consumers are as follows
(i) Regular Availability of Products In order to buy products as and when needed retailer maintains the regular availability of the product.
(ii) New Products Information By arranging effective display of products and personal selling retailers, provide important information about their products.
(iii) Convenience in Buying Retailers are situated very near to the residential areas and remain open for long hours which enables customer to buy products of their requirement.
(iv) After Sales Service Retailers provide after sales services to the customers in the form of
home delivery, supply of spare parts, etc.