What are the services offered by retailers to wholesalers and consumers?

Retailers provide important services to consumers and wholesalers as they act as middle-men between them.
Services to consumers:

  1. Ready or quick supply : The most important service of a retailer to consumers is to maintain regular availability of various products so that the buyers can buy the products whenever they need.
  2. Wide variety : Retailers generally keep stock of a variety of products and different manufacturers. This enables the consumers to make their choice out of a wide selection of goods.
  3. Guiding customers : By ananging the effective display of products and through their personal selling efforts retailers should provide the information of products to the customers.
  4. Demonstration and after sales services : It can be done in the form of home delivery, supply of spare parts and attending to customers.
  5. Home delivery : It is an important part of after sale services and for a buyers decision for repeat purchase of the products.
  6. Convenient location : They are suitated very near to the residential areas and remain open for long hours which makes great convenience to the customers.
    Services to wholesalers and manufacturers :
  7. Ready market: Retailers deal with individuals so the manufacturers and whole-salers will not make individual sales.
  8. Providing information : By undertaking personal selling efforts retailers relieve the producers of this activity of individual selling.
  9. Risk bearing : Retailers participates in the promotional activities of the product so that the product becomes popular and then it is less risk for the manufacturers.
  10. Distribution of goods to distant places : Retailers helps in distribution of goods to the final consumers and thus provide place utility.