What are the proper sports gears and their importance in swimming?



What are the proper sports gears and their importance in swimming ?


Proper Sports Gears and their Importance :
Sports gears means sports equipments, protectrive equipments and sports wears etc. In case of swimming, the swimming pool should be made up of international standard. It must have proper length, breadth and depth. The water should be fresh. The continuous flow of water is a must. The temperature of water should be 20s Celsius. The caps, goggles and swimsuits should also be of high quality. Importance of Sports Gears :
If the sports gears are not appropriate, there may be some injuries to the swimmers. If these are improper or not up to the international standard, the swimmers cannot perform well in the competitions.
Swimmers wear suits (closely regulated by FINA-suits must be pre-approved months before the Olympic games) and goggles. Most swimmers also wear swim caps. All of these are designed to help the swimmer, with the idea of minimizing drag kept at the forefront. Each swim wear manufacturer makes a high- end, super-slick swimsuit.
At the Olympic games, some people think that the fastest swimmers are usually wearing the fastest suits, too. There is always some question as to whether the swimmer is X- amount faster than a competitor because of physical training or their swim wear. It is probably some amount of both.