What are the important diagrams in (if any) chapters:

What are the important diagrams in (if any) chapters:
Living World
Biological Classification
Animal Kingdom
Structural Organisation in Animals
Morphology of Earthworm, Frog & Cockroach
Transport in Plants
Mineral Nutrition in Plants

Living World: No diagrams

Biological Classification: Nostoc , TMV virus, Bacteriophage

Animal Kingdom: Germinal layers, coelomates, acoelomates, pseudocoelomates, characteristics of chordates, balanoglossus, cnidoblast, taenia, liver fluke

Structural Organisation in Animals: sections of all animal tissues mentioned in the chapter, alimentary canal of cockroach, open circulatory system of cockroach, mouth parts of cockroach

Transport in Plants: two diagrams of facilitated diffusion given in the text book, plant cell plasmolysis, pathway of water movement in the root, symplastic and apoplastic pathways, mechanism of translocation

Mineral Nutrition in Plants: typical set up of nutrient solution culture, nitrogen cycle,