What are the importance of vitamins ? Explain

Importance of vitamins :
(1) These are accessory organic foods which are necessary for proper utilisation of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.
(2) Some of the vitamin, especially those of B-complex, form coenzymes required for functioning of certain enzymes, e.g., FMN, FAD, NAD, NADP.
(3) Vitamin C and vitamin E are antioxidants which
protect tissues from oxygen contained in tissue fluid.
(4) Vitamin A produces retinal pigments involved in vision.
(5) Vitamin are known to control expression of certain genes by forming complexes with nuclear proteins.
(6) Vitamin C is essential for intestinal absorption of iron while vitamin D is required for absorption of calcium.
(7) Vitamin maintains the health of different body parts including skin, epithelia, bones, teeth, gums, hair etc.
(8) Vitamin A and C are known to increase resistance to diseases.
(9) Vitamin K plays a vital role in the formation of a blood clotting factor called prothrombin.
(10) Vitamin E is anti-oxidant because it inhibits peroxide formation. It protects membrane lipids.