What are the humourous incident take place in the novel the three men in a boat?

what are the humourous incident take place in the novel the three men in a boat?

The novel Three Men in a Boat is full of funny incidents. The following are some of the incidents:

One of the funny incidents in the novel is that of Uncle Podeger hanging a picture. Uncle Podger decides to hang a picture frame on the wall on a Sunday morning. He makes the whole household run around the house for this. He sends boys to buy nails from the shop and to borrow strings from neighbours. One of the children is asked to hold the ladder while Uncle climbs up. When he finally hammers a nail in the wall, he hits his own hand with the hammer.

In another incident, the narrator reads a health manual. The manual lists certain symptoms of a disease. The narrator notices that most of the symptoms are or have been present in him at some point of time in his life. Then as he skims through the manual, he find that he has all the diseases in the manual except housemaid’s knee. Then he goes to a doctor and whines about the cruelty to God in not giving him that particular disease.

Further, two German guests who were being ignored by almost everyone. insisted that one of their colleagues could sing the funniest German songs they had ever heard. The man soon arrived to play. It turned out that his song was actually tragic. The narrator and the other guests laughed constantly, thinking it polite to do so. However, they actually angered the pianist, and the two German liars escaped before the song was finished, having played their practical joke.