What are the different types of Charts? Explain with examples

Types of Diagrams/Charts :
(i) Simple Bar Chart
(ii) Multiple Bar Chart or Cluster Chart
(iii) Pie Chart
(iv) Histogram
(i) Simple Bar Chart: A bar chart illustrates comparisons among individual items. Categories are
organized vertically, values horizontally, to focus on comparing values and to place less emphasis on time.

(ii) Multiple Bar Chart : When data is divided into different categories it is called multiple bar.
(iii) Pie Chart: A pie chart shows the proportional size of items that make up a data series to the sum of the items. It always shows only one data series and is useful when you want to emphasize a significant element.

(iv) Histogram : A histogram consists of tabular frequencies, shown as adjacent rectangles, erected over discrete intervals (bins), with size equal to the frequency of the observations in the interval.