What are the different modes of asexual reproduction?



What are the different modes of asexual reproduction ? Cite them with examples.
A. Asexual reproduction takes place by six different methods. They are :

  1. Fission 2) Budding 3) Spore formation 4) Regeneration 5) Fragmentation and 6) Vegetative propagation.
    1) Fission : Single celled organisms split into two equal offsprings or more offsprings. Ex: Paramoecium, bacteria.
    2) Budding : A growth on the body as a bud grows to form identical copy of parent. Ex: Yeast.
    3) Spore formation : Spores are produced in sporangium.
    Ex : Rhizopus, mucor, bacteria, ferms and mosses.
    4) Regeneration : Ability of organisms to give rise to new individual organisms.
    Ex : Hydra, flatworm, tapeworm.
    5) Fragmentation : New individual growth from a separate piece of parent organism. Ex : Flatworms, moulds, lichens, spirogyra.
    6) Vegetative propagation :
    a) Natural propagation:
    I) Leaves: Eg : Bryophyllum iQ Stems:
    Eg : Stolon - Vallisneria, Strawberry Bulbs - Onion Corms - Colacasia Tuber - Potato
    b) Artificial propagation:
    i) Layering: Eg : Nerium, guava, orange, rose.
    ii) Cutting : Eg : Rose, Hibiscus, Sugarcane.
    iii) Grafting r Eg : Sapota, Guava, Mango.