What are the different documents related to goods?

The documents related to goods are as follows :

  1. Export invoice : It is a seller’s bill for merchandise. It provides information about goods like quantity, number of packages, marks on packing, name of ship, port of destination, terms of delivery and payments, etc.
  2. Certificate of inspection : In order to ensure superior quality of goods, the government has made inspection of certain goods coiftpulsory by some authorised agency like Export Inspection Council of India (EICI). After inspecting the goods, the agency issues the certificate of inspection that the consignment has been inspected as required under the Export (Quality Control and Inspection) Act, 1963.
  3. Packing list : This document is in the form of a statement regarding the number of cases or packs and the details of the goods contained in these packs. It provides complete details regarding the goods exported and the forms in which they are being sent.
  4. Certificate of origin : This certificate specifies the country in which the goods are being manufactured. This certificate enables the importer to claim tariff concessions or other exemptions. This certificate is also required in case when there is a ban on imports of some goods from certain countries.