What are the coherent sources?write the condition for the sustained interference pattern

1.what are the coherent sources? write the condition for the sustained interference pattern. also, draw the intensity v/s path difference curve?
2.find the condition for constructive and destructive interference .how does the intensity depend on the width of slit?
3.find the expression for the fringe width .what is the effect on the fringe width if the whole apparatus ydse is completely immersed in a liquid of refractive index

  1. **Coherent sources **: Two sources are said to be coherent in nature if they emit light of same frequency and of a stable path difference.

Conditions for sustained interference pattern:

  1. The two sources of light must be coherent with same frequency or wavelength and with same phase or constant phase difference.
  2. The two sources should preferably have the same amplitude.
  3. The two sources must be very close to each other.
  4. The sources should emit light waves continuously.

Intensity vs Path difference curve :image
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