What are the changes in the oogonia

What are the changes in the oogonia during the transition of a primary follicle to Graafian follicle?

The germinal epithelial cells divide repeatedly until many diploid oogonia are formed. The oogonia grow to form primary oocytes. Each primary oocyte then gets surrounded by a layer of granulosa cells and is called the primary follicle. Primary follicles get surrounded by more layers of granulosa cells and called secondary follicles. The secondary follicle soon transforms into a tertiary follicle, which is characterised by a fluid filled cavity called antrum. The primary oocyte within the tertiary follicle undergoes meiotic division to become a secondary oocyte and a first polar body (haploid).
The tertiary follicle further changes into the mature follicle or Graafian follicle that ruptures to release the secondary oocyte (ovum) from the ovary by the process called ovulation.

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