What are the bad effects of Tobacco on sportsmen performance

What are the bad effects of Tobacco on sportsmen performance.

Effects of Tobacco on Sports Performance :
(a) Use of Tobacco increases the pulse rate and Blood Pressure of a sports person. Whenever we exercise, our pulse rate and blood pressure increases to 180 beats / m and 180 mm Hg. If it is already high our range to increase it with exercise will decrease, it means our performance will not be efficient.
(b) On burning Tobacco Carbon Monoxide is produced. It has a greater tendency than oxygen to mix with blood. Hence, the use of Tobacco leads to a decrease in the Oxygen carrying capacity of the sports person. This means that athletes’ performance in the aerobic activities will deteriorate. Carbon monoxide which mixes in the blood with haemoglobin is carried to various parts of the body. This means lesser oxygen reaches the muscles and organs of the body. So to meet the oxygen demands, blood has to be pumped faster by the heart.
© The use of Tobacco leads to the constriction of blood vessels, which results in an increase in the blood pressure.
(d) Regular and heavy use of smoking (Tobacco) reduces the elasticity of the lungs. This means that exchange between oxygen and carbon dioxide is hampered. This results in respiratory disorders.