What are specific warming-up and conditioning for Tennis?



What are specific warming-up and conditioning for Tennis ?


(a) Specific Warming-Up : After performing general warming-up, the specific warming-tip exercises are performed. They are like shuttle-run, arch making; wrist movement with racket; dummy actions of passing shots (fore-hand and back-hand); slow passing shots with ball (firstly from nearby and later from the base-line) with partner player across the net, fast passing shots practice (fore-hand and then back-hand); spot passing shots; volley and half volley practice with partner; lob practice and smash practice with partner; service practice (firstly slow and spin service then fast services). At last the game practice or match is played.
(b) Conditioning: The conditioning work of tennis player involves lot of fitness work; great perfection in the skill; good tactical approach; over coming the game stress; self correction, etc. Regular conditioning improves the perfection in the skills and techniques. At initial stage, dummy actions of passing-shot force-hand and back-hand and over-hand are perfected. Proper correction is made related to arm and wrist movement; swing of arm; follow-through action; body weight shifting during action; foot work and movement over ground. Ball work is perfected over wall-practice. Slow . passing shots are hit over wall at net height later they are perfected at spot hitting over wall practice passing shots. It is further perfected with partners at ground. Initially slow passing shots are done (to both sides fore-hand and backĀ¬hand) later fast passing shots are perfected with lot of variation like baseĀ¬line passing shots, top-spin passing shots, back-spin passing shots, body-line passing shots, defensive passing shots, etc. Lob return is also perfected through controlled actions like offensive lob return, defensive lob return. Volley and half volley is also perfected where partner player provides feeding of balls. Smash is practised over high lob returns. Service is perfected initially with slow and spin bounce afterwards fast service is perfected with spot bounces. Service action is corrected with good coaching skill like, initial position, release of ball, swing of racket, contact with ball, follow through action, foot-work during action, etc. Regular practice under expert good coach improves the skill perfection. Pressurise training like two players against one, specific area of return, spot returns; playing game with better player etc. improves the skills ability. The game tactics, game sense, over-coming the game stress, self-motivation, self-feedback, etc. are usually learned through practice matches. A heavy endurance work is done two times a week; weight training is also done by good players (once or twice in a week); long duration play; playing on different ground surfaces; playing under extreme climate conditions (like hot weather, cold weather) improve the game ability.