What are soft tissue injuries ? Explain any four of five

What are soft tissue injuries ? Explain any four of five.

Soft Tissue Injuries :
(i) Strain (ii) Sprain
(iii) Contusion (iv) Abrasion
(v) Wounds.
(i) Strain : Strain is the result of stress or force applied on muscles. In this, the muscle or muscle tendons are over stretched. There is severe pain at the site of injury.
Such injury takes place in athletics, skiing and gymnastic etc.
(ii) Sprain : A sprain may be defined as an injury of a ligament resulting from over¬stretching or tearing. Swelling, pain and tenderness can be felt at the sprained part.
Sprains may take place in weight lifting, athletics and tennis etc.
(iii) Contusion : Contusion is caused by the blow or impact witout breaking or rupture of the skin pain and sometimes swelling on the effected part.
Such injuries take place in sports like hockey, boxing, basketball etc.
(iv) Abrasion : Abrasion is the injury of skin in which skin is scrapped or rubbed by fraction or fall during any game/sport. It causes severe pain and sometimes bleeding.
Such injury occurs in sports like wrestling, football, cricket, jumps etc.
Preventive Measures for Soft Tissue Injuries
(i) Complete warming should be done.
(ii) Crepe bandage should be wrapped.
(iii) Playing under rules and regulation.
(iv) Special attention should be given towards stretching of joints.
(v) Playing surface should be made smooth.
(vi) If over-tired or aggressive, stop playing.
(vii) Wearing protective gear.
(viii) Proper warming-up before participation.
(ix) Scientific knowledge about rules and regulations.
(x) Good officiating is essential during the practice or competition.
(xi) Player should be careful and alert during the training and competition.
(xii) Player should not continue to play in case of fatigue.
(xiii) All the sports equipment must be of good quality.
(xiv) Train on different surfaces using the right footwear.
(xv) Allow lot of time for warming up and
cooling down.