What are ‘Institutional Reforms’?

What are ‘Institutional Reforms’? Enlist various institutional reforms government to bring about improvements in agriculture.

Institutional reforms:
Steps taken by the government to breing about improvements in agriculture are termed as ‘Institutional Reforms’.
Some steps are:

  1. Collectivisation and consolidation of land holdings to make them economically viable.
  2. The green revolution based on the use of package technology and the white revolution to increase milk production are important strategies which were initiated to improve agriculture.
  3. Cooperation with farmers and Abolition of Zamindari system.
  4. Provision of crop insurance to protect the farmers against losses caused by natural calamities i.e. drought, flood, cyclone, fire and disease.
  5. Establishment of ‘Gramin Banks’ cooperative societies and Banks for providing loan facilities to the farmers at lower rates of interest.
  6. Kissan Credit Card (KCC), Persona) Accident Insurance Scheme (PAIS) are some other schemes introduced by the government for the benefit of farmers.
  7. Special weather bulletins and agricultural programmes for farmers were introduced the radio and TV.