What are important topics for class 11 annual exams?

What are important topics for class 11 annual exams?

As such everthing is important and you cannot skip anything…because anything can be asked in your exams.
However, following is the list of important topics chapterwise.

Chapter – Units and Measurement

  1. SI Units
  2. Absolute Errors
  3. Significant Figures
  4. Dimensional Analysis

Chapter – Motion in a Straight Line

  1. Average Velocity and Average Speed
  2. Instantaneous Velocity and Speed
  3. Relative Velocity
  4. Kinematic Equations for Uniformly Accelerated Motion

Chapter – Motion In a Plane

  1. Vector Operations
  2. Resolutions of Vectors
  3. Motion of Object in Plane
  4. Projectile Motion

Chapter – Laws of Motion

  1. Newton’s First Law of Motion
  2. Newton’s Second law of Motion
  3. Newton’s Third Law of Motion
  4. Conservation of Momentum
  5. Circular Motion
  6. Problem Solving in Mechanics

Chapter – Work, Energy and Power

  1. Work-Energy Theorem
  2. Kinetic Energy and Potential Energy
  3. Law of Conservation of Energy
  4. Potential Energy of a Spring
  5. Collisions

Chapter– Systems of Particles and Rotational Motion

  1. Centre of Mass and its Motion
  2. Linear motion of System of Particles
  3. Angular Velocity and Angular Acceleration
  4. Torque and Angular Momentum
  5. Moment of Inertia
  6. Theorems of perpendicular and Parallel Axis
  7. Kinematics of rotational motion about a fixed axis
  8. Dynamics of rotational motion about a fixed axis
  9. Angular momentum in case of rotation about a fixed axis Rolling motion
  10. Rolling Motion

Chapter – Gravitation

  1. Kepler’s Law
  2. Universal Law of Gravitation
  3. Acceleration due to to gravity

Chapter – Mechanical Properties of Fluids

  1. Bernoulli’s Principle
  2. Surface Tension
  3. Venturi-meter

Chapter – Thermal Properties of Matter

  1. Ideal Gas Equation
  2. Thermal Expansion
  3. Specific Heat Capacity
  4. Calorimetry
  5. Latent Heat
  6. Heat Transfer

Chapter – Thermodynamics

Important Topics:

  1. Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics
  2. First Law of Thermodynamics
  3. Heat Engines
  4. Second Law of Thermodynamics
  5. Carnot Engine

Chapter – Kinetic Theory

  1. Behaviour of Gases
  2. Law of Equipartition Energy
  3. Mean Free Path
  4. Specific Heat capacity

Chapter – Oscillations

  1. Simple Harmonic Motion
  2. SHM and Uniform Circular Motion
  3. Energy in SHM
  4. Oscillation due to Spring
  5. Simple Pendulum

Chapter – Waves

  1. Longitudinal and Transverse Waves
  2. Displacement relation in Longitudinal Waves
  3. Characteristics of Longitudinal and Transverse Waves
  4. Principle of Superposition
  5. Standing Waves
  6. Beats
  7. Dooplers Effect