What are identifying features of angiosperms or flowering plants?

Identifying features of angiosperms :
(a) Flowering plants show great number of diversities in habit, habitat, forms, duration of life, mode of nutrition, etc.
(b) The plants with stem varying from a few mm to a metre or so in height are termed as herbs : medium sized plants with woody stem are termed as shrubs and tall woody plants are known as trees.
© Plants which live for a year, or part of year are termed as annuals; which live for two years are termed as bennials and which live for more than two years are termed as perennials.
(d) Plants which live in extremely dry conditions are termed as xerophytes; plants living in water are termed as hydrophytes and those living in moderate conditions are termed as mesophytes.
(e) All flowering plants have roots, stem and leaves. They produce flowers, seeds and fruits.
(f) The economic uses of plants are varied. Plants provide us with materials for our food, clothing and shelter.
(g) Plants also ‘clean’ our atmosphere by taking in carbon dioxide and giving out oxygen.