What are common injuries in sports?

What are common injuries in sports ?

Sport injuries are common in the field of games and sports. During practice, training or competition, any player can be injured. Perhaps, there will not be any player who has not been injured during his sports career. Indeed it is natural to* get injury. Through coaches, physical trainer and sports, doctors have been making their best possible efforts to prevent injuries but they have not got a complete success so far. Warm-up should be performed before training or competition to prevent sport injuries. Leonardo Da Vinci also quoted "if you are enamored of practice without scientific knowledge, you are just like a pilot who goes into a ship without rudder and a compass and does not know his destination."
There are various types of sport injuries:
A. Soft Tissue Injuries:
i. Contusion- It is a muscle injury. A direct hit with or without any sports equipment can be the main reason of contusion. In contusion, blood vessels are broken.
ii. Strain- It is also a muscle injury, can be mild or sever. A complete muscle can be ruptured which makes a person impossible to move that part of the limb.
iii. Sprain- It is a ligament injury. It can be occurred due to overstretching and tearing of ligament.
iv. ’ Abrasion- It is a skin injury, which occurs in the upper part of the skin. It usually occurs due to friction with certain equipment.
B. Bone Injuries:
i. Simple fracture- It is a fracture without any wound.
ii. Compound fracture- In this, broken bone comes out tearing skin by it; both muscle and skin are damaged along with fracture.
iii. Complicated fracture- In this, a bone is broken and damages the internal organ.
iv. Green stick fracture- Whenever there is any stress on bone, it bents. It is common in children.
v. Comminuted fracture- When a bone is broken into two or many pieces.
vi. Impacted fracture- When the end of a fractured bone enters into another bone.
vii. Depressed fracture- Broken bones go down than normal level. Found mostly in skull.
C. Joint Injuries:
i. Dislocation of lower jaw- It occurs when children strikes into other object.
ii. Dislocation of shoulder joint- It occurs due to sudden jerk or falls on a hard surface.
iii. Dislocation of hip joint- The end of femur is displaced from socket due to exerting maximum stress spontaneously.