What are common injuries, first-aid and preventive steps in Judo?

What are common injuries, first-aid and preventive steps in Judo ?

(a) Common Injuries and its First-Aid: Judo is a contact game, thus chances of injury are lot. The common injuries are contussion, abrassion, cramp, strain, dislocation and fracture, As chocking is part of the game tactics thus, it can also be fatal. Minor injuries like contussion, strain and sprain are usually treated under the principle of ‘RICER’ (Rest, Ice. Compression, Elevation and Rehabilitation). Serious injuries like dislocation and fracture need expert handling thus to be treated by expert doctors. Minor chocking can be treated by giving rest whereas serious chocking needs immediate mouth to mouth respiration or cardio pulmonary. As there is lot of swetaing in this game, thus, cramps are common. It as can easily be prevented by taking lot of juices or by
taking small rest (breaks) between long, training sessions.
(b) Preventive Steps :
(i) Proper warming-up is a must before the/activity. It should consist of general as well as specific warming- up exercises.
(ii) Regular conditioning strengthens weak joints and muscles as per game needs. It also brings perfection in the skills and techniques.
(iii) Proper dress, i.e., ‘Judogi’ is a must for player. Proper safety guards and proper training equipments should be used.
(iv) Judo must be played over proper play field i.e., ‘Tatami’ mats should be used during training and practice session. It should have sufficient free space around it.