What are common injuries and their preventions in Tennis?

What are common injuries and their preventions in Tennis ?

(a) Common Injuries : In the game of tennis, the injury chances are less from opponent but still there are lot of injuries during practice or during match. The common injuries are cramp, strain and sprain. These injuries usually occur due to improper warming-up, due to over training, faulty skill actions, etc. A specific injury known as tennis-elbow occurs near the elbow joint at particular action.
(b) Preventive Steps :
(i) Proper warming-up exercises should be performed before the activity. It should consist of general and specific warming-up exercises.
(ii) Regular conditioning (under expert) should be given importance. It develops the weak muscles and joints for the activity, develops good playing skills and good perception ability.
(iii) Well awareness of rules/regulations and its implementation under experts.
(iv) Corrective exercises, proper skill action, follow through action, body movement over ground etc. should be perfected under expert.