What are common injuries and their preventions in Badminton?

What are common injuries and their preventions in Badminton ?

Common injuries and their prevention :
(a) Common Injuries : This game is a gentle game, therefore player has less chances to be hurt by player. The common injuries are like abrassion, cramp, strain, sprain (due to lack of concentration, faulty skills, wrong footwear, improper warming-up, etc.)
(b) Preventive Methods :
(i) Proper warming-up (general and specific).
(ii) Good quality shoes and using gum dust over shoe base to provide non- slippery action of shoes.
(iii) Correct handing of racket, proper skill perfection and avoiding wrong skill action. .
(iv) Proper co-ordination with partner (in doubles).
(v) Drink water in between short breaks to prevent dehydration and cramps.
(vi) Use towel to remove sweat especially from racket grip.
(vii) Good quality of rackets and proper grip over racket.
(viii) Check the lighting and free space around it.
(ix) Follow the coaching skill sincerely and under the expert.