What are common injuries and its preventions in Table Tennis?



What are common injuries and its preventions in Table Tennis ?


Common Injuries : In this game, the chances of injury are very less. Sometimes the injuries like strain and sprain occur over ankle. The treatment and first-aid steps are followed under the principle of ‘RICER’ (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation, Rehabilitation). Preventive Steps :
(i) Proper warming-up should be performed. It should consist of general and specific warming-up exercises.
(ii) Proper playing surface, proper lighting free space around as per rules of the game should be given importance.
(iii) Regular conditioning of the activity. It develops proper skill actions thus less chances of injuries.
(iv) Good quality shoes, proper sports kit and good quality paddle should be used.
(v) Hygienical habits should be followed.
(vi) Avoid continuous overtraining. There should be small water breaks during continuous stretch of game. Use towel to remove sweat.
(vii) Follow rules, regulations and its implementation under experts.