What are bone injuries

What are bone injuries.

Bone Injuries : Bone injury is usually caused during games and sports either during practice sessions in the competition. Fracture is known as broken or cracked bone. It is caused accidently by a wrenching force. The fractures are :
(i) Simple Fracture : In this type of fracture, bone breaks from only one place. Sometimes hair line fracture is there. Bone is cracked or broken without wounds.
(ii) Multiple Fracture or Compound Fracture : A compound fracture is the fracture in which bones are cracked or broken with wounds and results with bleeding. In this, bone is compressed and broken at more than one places.
(iii) Green Stick Fracture : In this facture, bone does not break completely. This type of fracture generally occurs in children.
(iv) Impacted Fracture/Open Fracture : In this fracture, the edge of a broken bone impacts into another one and sets there or one broken part is overlapped the other part.
Comminuted Fracture : In this type of fracture, bone is broken into several parts or bone is broken into small pieces.