Vishwajeet was doing an experiment by using an ammeter

Vishwajeet was doing an experiment by using an ammeter. Suddenly, it fell from his hand and broke. He was fearing that he might be scolded by his teacher. His classmate advised him not to tell the teacher but he refused and told his teacher. On listening to him patiently, the teacher did not scold him as it was just an incident and used the opportunity to show the whole class the internal structure of ammeter.
On the basis of above passage, answer the following questions.
(i) What are the values displayed by Vishwajeet?
(ii) What is the use of ammeter? How is it connected in the circuit?
(iii) State the aim of any one experiment where Vishwajeet could have used the ammeter.

(i) The values displayed by Vishwajeet are honesty, confidence and courage.
(ii) An ammeter is used to measure electric current in the circuit. It is always connected in series through which the current can be measured.
(iii) Vishwajeet can use ammeter to verify Ohm’s law.