Unification of Italy

Describe the process of Unification of Italy.

The process of unification of Italy:

  1. In the mid-nineteenth century, Italy comprised of 7 states out of which only Sardinia-Piedmont was a princely state. There wasn’t even a common form of the Italian language.

  2. In 1830, Giuseppe Mazzini established a secret society called Young Italy and bring about a revolutionary uprising but failed.

  3. Chief Minister Cavour diplomatically joined SardiniaPiedmont, in an alliance with France. It defeated the Austrian forces.

  4. Armed volunteers led by Giuseppe Garibaldi also supported the troops and they marched into South Italy and the Kingdom of Two Sicilies. They got the support of the peasants there.

  5. In 1861, Victor Emmanuel ll was declared the king of unified Italy. However, most of the Italians were unaware of the idea of liberal-nationalist ideology.