Trying a particular drug even once may lead to addiction and its complication.How should a youth, under the influence of peer pressure to try a particular drug, be explained and convinced never to try a drug?

The first use of drugs or alcohol may be out of curiosity or experimentation, but we may start using them to escape facing problems.Of late,stress, from pressure to excel in academics or examination, has played a significant role in persuading the youngsters to try alcohol and drugs.The perception that it is cool or progressive to smoke or take drugs or alcohol is also in a way a major cause for youth to start these habits.A particular intake even once may lead to addiction, and other factors that have been associated with drug and acohol abuse among adolescents are unsrable or unsupportive family structures and peer pressure.Dependence leads the patient to ignore all social norms in order to get sufficient funds to satisfy needs.Regular dose of drugs causes anxiety, shakiness,nausea and sweating, which may be relieved when use is resumed again.