Trace the rise and fall of Bahmani kingdom?

Trace the rise and fall of Bahmani kingdom?

Rise of the Bahamani Kingdom:

According to several historians, the Bahamani kingdom was outcome of the failed policies of Muhammad Tughalq. He gradually lost his control over the Deccan region. Taking advantage of the weak rule of the Tughlaq Empire, Hasan, an erstwhile Afghan Officer in his service founded the Bahamni dynasty in 1347 A.D. He later took the title of Ala-ud-Din Hasan Bahaman Shah.

The Bahamni empire under Hasan extended from Daultabad in the west to Bhongir in Tellinga in the east and from the Warrangal river to the north of Krishna in the South.

The Bahamani Kingdom was constantly at war with the Vijayanagar kingdom. The power of sultanate reached its peak under Mahmud Gawan who served as a Prime Minister and General to several sultans during 1466-1481. He extended the empire by reconquering Goa which was under the Vijyanagar Empire. He also introduced administrative reforms and controlled many districts directly.

Fall of the Bahamani Empire : The Bahamani Empire began to weaken after the death of Mahmud Gawan. The later kings of the Bahamani Empire were incompetent and weak. During the 16th century, the Bahamani kingdom disintegrated into five independent kingdoms- Ahmednagar, Bijapur, Berar, Golconda and Bidar.