Thousands of tribals and other forest dwellers gathered at Piparia in Hoshangabad district in Madhya Pradesh

Thousands of tribals and other forest dwellers gathered at Piparia in Hoshangabad district in Madhya Pradesh to protest against their proposed displacement from the Satpura National Park and Bori Wildlife Sanctuary.
They argue that such a displacement is an attack on their livelihood and beliefs. Government claims that their displacement is essential for the development of the area and for protection of wildlife. Write a petition on behalf of the forest dwellers to the NHRC, a response from the government and a report of die NHRC on this matter.

(i) The Petition should be as follows We, the tribal and the forest people have been living in and near the forests for hundreds of years and have earned our livelihood from the forests. The forests are our home and place of work.
It is wrong to displace us from our traditional homes. By doing so, you are taking away our livelihood and traditions because we know no other work. We request the NHRC (National Human Rights Commission) to take up our cause and prevent our displacement from the forest due to the setting up of the wildlife sanctuaries.
(ii) The Response of the Government The government, in order to protect the wildlife which is nearing extinction, has decided to set up wildlife parks and wildlife sanctuaries and provide natural habitats to the endangered species arid other animals. For wing this, human interference has to be stopped and so the tribes and forest dwellers are to be displaced from these areas. However, keeping in mind the welfare of the tribals and ensuring a future for them, tribals will be rehabilitated in some other suitable place.
(iii) NHRC Report The National Human Rights Commission gave its report on the proposed displacement of the tribals and the forest dwellers from the wildlife parks and sanctuaries like the Satpura National Park, Bori Wildlife Sanctuary and Panchmarhi Wildlife Sanctuary. NHRC said that the tribals and the forest dwellers have since ages lived in the forests and also earned their livelihood from the forests.
However, realising the importance of the forests in their lives they have taken care not to harm it or damage it in any manner. They have co-existed in the forests with aU the flora and fauna ’ and they have many beliefs and traditions, which in fact protect the forests and the animals. Finally, they are not a threat to the flora arid the fauna and they can help to protect, preserve and conserve the forest flora and fauna, so they should be allowed to live in the forests as a part of the forest.