"There are increasing inequalities in the economic scenario."

“There are increasing inequalities in the economic scenario.” Why?

Economic development of a country depends on several factors like country’s population size, global situation, cooperation from other countries, economic priorities adopted by the country, etc.
India achieved in the area of political equality but could not be achieved in the economic field.
In India, a small number of ultra-rich people enjoy a highly disproportionate share of wealth and incomes.
The share of their wealth in the total income of the country has been increasing. Those at the bottom of the society have very little to depend upon. Their incomes have been declining.
Sometimes, the people of the bottom level, find it difficult to meet their basic needs of life, like food, clothing, house, education and health.
The democratically elected government do not appear to be as keen to solve the question of poverty as people expect from them. The policies and their applications taken by the different governments of India to alleviate poverty are not adequate. Thus in actual life, democratic governments in India are unable to reduce economic inequalities.
Thus, it can be concluded that there are increasing inequalities in the economic scenario.