"The value of the dignity of one's profession should be instilled in young minds."

“The value of the dignity of one’s profession should be instilled in young minds.” Elaborate this with reference to the lesson ‘Keeping It From Harold’.

Parents are generally over-protective about their children. Mr Bill Bramble, who was a professional boxer, did not wish to reveal this fact to his ten year old son, Harold. The Brambles felt that this revelation would upset the child and put him in an embarrassing situation at school. They lied to Harold that Bill was a commercial traveller.
However, when Harold came to know that his father was a famous boxer, he felt hurt for being kept in the dark about the real profession of his father. He wanted to take pride in his father’s profession.
’ Now, a new phase of his school life would start when he would show off his father’s ‘Young Porky’ image and status. He had a great reason to be proud of his father. Undoubtedly, every profession has dignity.
Development of such values would empower young minds.