The students of a school A went to a forest for a picnic

The students of a school A went to a forest for a picnic. They went deep into the forest and started playing on a flat field in the forest. A stranger came there and asked for help. He had forgotten the direction of his village situated in South direction outside the forest.
All the students except Peterson said that they , had no idea about South direction. They asked stranger to find the South direction himself. However, Peterson asked him to wait for a moment as he had a magnetic compass.
He placed the magnetic compass on the ground and told the stranger about South direction.
Read the above passage and answer the following questions.
(i) What values are displayed by Peterson?
(ii) Is the behaviour of other students desirable?
(iii) How does the magnetic compass determine the direction from the given place?

(i) Peterson is helpful, caring and has a high degree of awareness.
(ii) The behaviour of other students is undesirable because they do not bother about the problem of stranger.
(iii) When a magnetic compass is placed at a place, it always point towards North-South direction.