The question should be short, simple and properly arranged to avoid confusions. Explain

The question should be short, simple and properly arranged to avoid confusions. Explain.

A questionnaire is a list of questions relating to the field of enquiry. It may be defined as an instrument of collecting primary data from a large number of people.
While preparing questionnaire, followingpoints should be kept in mind
(i) It should not be too long.
(ii) The number of questions should be as minimum as possible and should be clear and precise.
(iii) Proper sequence should be followed.
(iv) The questions should not be ambiguous. They should enable the respondents to answer quickly, correctly and clearly.
(v) The question should not use double negatives like ‘wouldn’t you’ or ‘don’t you’, etc.
(vi) The questions should not indicate alternative answers.
(vii) Personal questions should be avoided.
Example of an Ideal Questionnaire
Objective of this questionnaire is to know about the monthly income and expenditure of the 10+2 students living in the hostels.
You are requested to fill following details in the questionnaire

  1. Student’s name
  2. Age
  3. Stream Art/Commerce/Science
  4. Name of the school/college
  5. Father’s name and address
  6. Father’s occupation… Income
  7. Income (if any) of other members in the family
  8. Monthly income received by the student
    (i) From the family
    (ii) Personal earning
    (iii) Scholarship
    (iv) Others…
  9. Monthly expenditure of the student
    Items of expenditure amount of expenditure
    (i) School/College fee (ii) Stationery
    (iii) Conveyance (iv) Hostel expenses
    (v) Entertainment (vi) Other items(specify)
  10. Is your monthly income enough for you? Yes/No
  11. If the income is not sufficient what other means are there Specify.