“The problem of underemployment is not confined only to Agriculture”

“The problem of underemployment is not confined only to Agriculture”. Support the statements with examples.

THE problem of agriculture is not confirmed to agriculture only. It can also happen in other sectors too:
For example: There are thousands of casual workers in the service sector in urban areas who search for daily employment. They are employed as painters, plumbers, repair person and other odd jobs. Many of them don’t find jobs everyday.

  1. Similarly, we see other people of service sector on the street pushing a cart or selling something where they may spend the whole day but earn very little. They are doing such work only due to the lack of better employment opportunities.
  2. The unorganised sector includes small and scattered units outside governmental control. Employment is not secure. People can ask to leave without any reason. When there is less work, such as during some reasons, some people may be asked to leave.