"The Prime Minister is the head of the government". Justify the statement

“The Prime Minister is the head of the government”. Justify the statement.

As the head of the government, the Prime Minister of India has wide ranging powers.
The following points state power andfunctions of the Prime Minister of India
(i) The Prime Minister is free to choose ministers.
He distributes and redistributes work to . the ministers. All ministers work under his leadership.
(ii) Being the Chairman of the Cabinet, the Prime Minister presides over the meetings of the Cabinet. He coordinates the work of different departments. His decisions are final in case disagreement arises between different departments.
(iii) The Prime Minister communicates to the President all decisions of the Council of Ministers relating to the administration of union and proposals of legislation.
(iv) He is the leader of the nation and ex-officio Chairman of Planning Commission. People always 1 remain eager to hear his views on all economic and political issues.
Thus, it can be concluded that Prime Ministers is the head of the government.