"The Political Parties are necessary for democracy"

“The Political Parties are necessary for democracy”. Justify the statement.
What is the necessity of a political party for a democracy?

Modern democracies cannot exist without political parties. The necessity of a political party in democracy can be understood from the given points

  • If every elected representative is independent, then no one will make promise for any major policy changes. The government may be formed but its utility will remain always uncertain. Non-party based Panchayat election also create same problems.
    The rise of political parties is directly linked to the emergence of representative democracies.
  • As society became larger and complicated, they also need some agency to gather different views on various issues and to present these to the government.
  • Political parties inform the people about the working of the ruling party. They talk about the problems of the state, the working and failure of the government and give suggestion for the upliftment of masses. Political party acts as a link between government and masses.
    Thus, political parties are necessary for democracy.

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