The following newspaper report was published on 28th September, 2

The following newspaper report was published on 28th September, 2012.*’
“Overexploitation, due to poj concentration, has led to depiction groundwater and the recharge process & slew due to the type of soil in the region,” said the Chairman, Central Ground Water Board (CGWB).
According to him, hard rock areas of South India are also severely affected but the recharge process was quicker in rocky areas. “Good rains over a 5 to 7 years period can bring back water in aquifers,” he said, adding thatjthe issues of water and land were crucial to India’s development."
Do you feel that the Chairman, CGWB was right? If so, what steps should be taken to reduce the overexploitation of groundwater resources without seriously affecting the region’s development?
Ans. The Chairman, CGWB was correct d^at the
groundwater had been overexploited and *o depleted. The following steps can be taken to ensure that this problem will not occur again .
(i) No digging of tubewells should be allowtd for a
few years in areas where the groundwater level has. gone down appreciably. ■
(ii) Alternative methods for irrigation like canals
should be developed in areas with low levels of groundwater. …,
(iii) Farmers in such areas should he persuaiui change their cropping pattern to such iWms Which require less water or even to other allied professions like dairy farming, pisciculture, etc.