The Consumer Protection Act, 1986 ensures

The Consumer Protection Act, 1986 ensures the following as rights which every consumer in India should possess.
(i) Right to choice
(ii) Right to information
(iii)Right to redressal
(iv)Right to representation
(v) Right to safety
(vi)Right to consumer education
Categorise the following cases under - different heads and mark against each in brackets.
(a) Lata got an electric shock from a newly purchased iron. She complained to the shopkeeper immediately. ( )
(b) John is dissatisfied with the services provided by MTNL/BSNL/TATA Indicom for the past few months. He files a case in the District Level Consumer Forum. ( )
© Your friend had been sold a medicine that has crossed the expiry date and you are advising her to lodge a complaint. ( )
(d) Iqbal makes it a point to scan through all the particulars given on the pack of any item that he buys. ( )
(e) You are not satisfied with the services of the cable operator catering to your locality but you are unable to switch over to anybody else. ( )
(f) You realise that you have received a defective camera from a dealer. You are complaining to the head office persistently. ( )
(a) (v), (b) (iii), © (v), (d) (ii), (e) (i), (f) (iv)