'Supervision is not at all required in an organisation'

‘Supervision is not at all required in an organisation’. Do you agree? Give two reasons in support of your answer,
The post of supervisor should be abolished in the hierarchy of management’. React.

No, I do not agree with the given statement because supervision is an important function, which is to be performed for smooth functioning of an organisation. The importance of supervision can be understood by analyzing these points.
Importance of supervision :

  1. Maintains Contact
    A supervisor maintains day-to-day contact and friendly relations with the workers. He guides and instructs them like a friend, philosopher and guide.
  2. Acts as a Link
    A supervisor acts as a link between workers and managers, as he conveys management ideas and instructions to the workers and workers’ grievances and suggestions to the managers. Thus, it helps to reduce conflicts and misunderstandings between the two groups.
  3. Maintains Group Unity
    A supervisor sorts out differences among workers in order to maintain group unity and harmony within the organisation.
  4. Ensures Performance
    A supervisor is responsible for the achievement of goals, for which he motivates his employees and ensures performance in the organisation.
  5. Provides on-the-job Training
    Through constant supervision and guidance, a supervisor provides on-the-job training to the workers.
  6. Builds Morale
    A supervisor helps to build high level of morale and motivates the employees through effective leadership and motivation.
  7. Provides Feedback
    A supervisor consistently analyses the work of subordinates and provides feedback by suggesting ways and means to develop new skills.