Summary of novel Gulliver's Travels part 1 and part 2 till chapter 8 For exam

Summary of novel Gulliver’s Travels part 1 and part 2 till chapter 8 For exam

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Below is the summary of Part 1. Please note that it is not the equivalent to reading the chapters. If you want the summary for Part 2, please post it in the next query.

Part 1

Chapter 1

The first chapter introduces Lemuel Gulliver, the protagonist of the novel. Gulliver’s desire to go on voyages takes him to a strange land called Lilliput, where people are tiny.

Chapter 2

Gulliver describes the country Lilliput as he sees it, as a giant human being facing a country that almost looks like a small garden. Futile attempts are made to communicate with him and he is searched thoroughly. The Lilliputians try to make Gulliver’s stay comfortable and there are measures taken to feed him enough.

Chapter 3

Gulliver impresses the Lilliputians and the King and submits a petition for his freedom. The emperor agrees to grant his freedom on certain conditions.

Chapter 4

Gulliver is granted permission to visit Mildendo, the metropolis of Lilliput on the condition that he would not harm any of the inhabitants. The city was full of people wanting to catch a glimpse of Gulliver. The Principal Secretary told Gulliver about the dangers the land faced and also told about the impending war and vengeance.

Chapter 5

Gulliver saves Lilliput from invasion with the help of his strategies, and a title of honour is conferred upon him. The emperor’s apartment catches fire accidently but Gulliver is able to save the rest of the palace.

Chapter 6

This chapter describes the lives of the Lilliputians, their learning, laws and customs. We also read about how Lilliputians educate their children. Some of the customs are funny while some help the readers understand how corruption is rising in the region. The chapter also describes a scandal involving Gulliver and Flimnap’s wife.

Chapter 7

Gulliver is charged with treason and makes an escape to Belfuscu. The Lilliputians have been hatching a plot against Gulliver to frame him. However, a well wisher informs Gulliver. He decides to take shelter in Belfuscu as against using his great strength to destroy the tiny land of Lilliput. He secretly escapes from Lilliput and is warmly received in Belfuscu.

Chapter 8

The people of Belfuscu help Gulliver in repairing a real rowboat that he sees overturned in the sea. The Lilliputians follow him there and threaten him to go if them. The emperor of Belfuscu refuses to let Gulliver go and instead provides him with all the provisions of cash and kind so that he can go back to his country. Gulliver returns home to his wife and children but his desire to explore the world makes him leave his house again and board the ‘Adventure’ barely two months later. However, before leaving, Gulliver has bought a house for his family and made arrangements for the children’s education.