Suggest three ways to conserve water?

suggest three ways to conserve water?

Three ways to conserve water:

  • Rainwater harvesting systems should be followed in villages, towns and cities.
  • Industries should not discharge effluents directly into water bodies. These effluents should be first treated before safely disposing them.
  • Efforts should be made by each individual at a personal level to conserve water. For example, taps should be closed while brushing teeth, garbage should not be dumped into water bodies and used water should be used for watering plants.

Ways to conserve water:-

1.Lining Canals help reduce water loss.
2.We should treat waste from factories before releasing it into water.
3.We should encourage rainwater harvesting.
4.We should use a sprinkler for irrigation.this reduces the loss of water.
5.Afforestration:- Trees hold water and reduce water loss.