Suggest three measures to conserve water resources

Suggest three measures to conserve water resources.

We can conserve water resources by following ways:

  1. Water pollution can be controlled by treating these effluents suitably before releasing them in water bodies.
  2. Forest and other vegetation cover slow the surface runoff and replenish underground water.
  3. Water harvesting is another method to save surface runoff.
  4. The canals should be properly lined to minimise losses by water seepage.
  5. Sprinklers effectively irrigate the area by checking water losses through seepage and evaporation.
  6. In dry regions with high rates of evaporation, drip or trickle irrigation is very useful.
  7. Treatment of effluents - discharge of untreated or partially treated sewage, agricultural chemicals and industrial effluents in water bodies are major contaminants which should be treated before discharging it in the river.