Suggest pleasures to overcome the barriers in effective communication

Suggest pleasures to overcome the barriers in effective communication.
Barriers to effective communication exist in all organisations to a greater or lesser degree. State any six measures to overcome these barriers.

Improving communication effectiveness :

  1. Clarify the Ideas before Communicating
    The message to be conveyed should be clear in all aspects. It should be analysed in depth and stated in precise and simple words.
  2. Communicate According to the Needs of Receiver
    The communicator should know the level of understanding and education level of the receiver, and communicate accordingly.
  3. Consult Others Before Communicating
    Participation and involvement of subordinates may help in getting acceptance and cooperation of subordinates.
  4. Be Aware of the Language, Tone and Content of the Message
    The language, tone and content used must be understandable to the receiver and should not offend the sentiments of the listener.
  5. Convey Things of Help and Value to Listeners
    The message communicated should fulfill the needs and interest of the listeners. This will ensure response from the communicatee.
  6. Ensure Proper Feedback
    The communicator may ensure the success of communication by asking questions regarding the message conveyed. Such feedback make the process more responsive.
  7. Communicate for Present as well as for the Future
    Besides meeting the present commitments, communication should also aim at future goals of the enterprise.
  8. Follow-up Communication
    Regular follow-up and review on the instructions given, help in removing hurdles in implementing the instructions.
  9. Be a Good Listener
    Attentive and patient listening on the part of the management will encourage employees to communicate freely.