Suggest a method to purify

Suggest a method to purify
(i) camphor containing traces of common salt.
(ii) kerosene oil containing water.
(iii) a liquid which decomposes at its boiling point.

(i) Sublimation Camphor sublimes while common salt remains as residue in the China dish.
(ii) Since the two liquids are immiscible, the technique of solvent extraction with a separating funnel is used. The mixture is thoroughly shaken and the separating funnel is allowed to stand. Kerosene being lighter than water forms the upper layer while water forms the lower layer.
The lower water layer is run off when kerosene oil is obtained. It is dried over anhydrous CaCl2 or MgS04 and then distilled to give pure kerosene oil.
(iii) Distillation under reduced pressure.