Study the given figure

Study the given figure.

(i) Pick out and name the cells that undergo spermiogenesis.
(ii) Name ‘A and \B’ cells. What is the difference between them with reference to the number of chromqsome?
(iii) Pick out and name the motile cells.
(iv) What is ‘F’ cell? Mention its function.
(v) Name the structure of which the given diagram is a part.

(i) A-Spermatids, undergo spermiogenesis
(ii) A-Spermatids, B-Spermatogonium.
Spermatogonium (B) are diploid and have 46 chromosomes in humans while, spermatids (A) are haploid
and have 23 chromosomes in case of human male.
(iii) E-Spermatozoa, are motile cells
(iv) F-Sertoli cell, it provides nutrition to the germ cells
(v) Seminiferous tubule.